aboutWe are sustaining in the construction field for over 2 decades with creditable achievements in the arena of building ideal houses, bearing in mind the real needs and aspirations of people of Kannur and surroundings. Our real motive is to provide suitable living shelter to our customers with maximum comfort in a relaxed atmosphere, with in a reachable budget. We bring forth many novelties to our construction methods adopting advanced and most up-todate technology. All our projects are designed by well qualified architects and engineers, who have tremendous experience in this field. Needless to say that people of Kannur consider us a wizard in the art of Hose building. No wonder apartments and villas built by us are booked by our customers well in advance of its completion. We are proud to say that customers have always reposed immense faith in us for they are well confident that we build houses giving primary importance to the customers all round conveniences. Our customer will never repent that they have chosen a wrong place for accommodation."